Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Deliver a gift strategy to Afghanistan

By Hanan Habibzai
People of Afghanistan need financial support not military equipments.Afghanistan need a justice to see every type of warlord to be brought to the court.

Afghan people need a communicative foreign donors not military and gun men.
International allies of Afghanistan should leave the military argument and to successfully resolve of situation need to think 'win-win'.

It is not possible to meet every one's ideal result but if partly reached people will get satisfied with your treatment ,then you're a good friend.

When you always urging on military efforts ,it then impossible to be a friend for those who you want to accept your ideal stuff.

Delivering a gift strategy can be used to bring a discussion that is going nowhere to an end.
It will allow the opposition forces to quite and you to fulfill your interests. proving yourself as a friend need to quite military efforts and give a hope of betterment to the poor people of Afghanistan.

Important of all is justice,without justice there will not be a stability. Afghanistan suffered more then three decades of violence and war.

According the United Nation report in 2009 there was 14 present of increase in civilian’s causality in Afghanistan, compare to 2008. These people who lost their sweethearts need urgent help, simply as a Western family need.

In the past nine years International troops were not only incapable to capture Taliban supreme leader or Osama Bin Laden but the insurgents remerged in a strong position across the country.

The ordinary Afghans remain the main victims of so called war on terror. The Western Allies of Afghanistan are talking about military efforts in Afghanistan but do they have a plan for the development of the country to bring a change in local life?

The success and the safety of foreign soldiers in Afghanistan depend on the help and coordination of local population too.

The provident of safe environment and the opportunities to the local people to have a voice is key to win the battle of heart and minds in Afghanistan but this effort needs a strong commitment.

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