Friday, 30 November 2012

Iran is a criminal state toward Afghan refugees

Iran is a criminal state toward Afghan refugees

First of all Iran is an important supporter of the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria. In fact Iran is one of the main actors in this dirty proxy-war. Those Shia Muslims who sympathize with Assad's regime think that Iran does not sell itself to the West.

Secondly, Iran also played a remarkable role to support Palestine during the last Israeli attack  on Gaza. In this case the Shia regime provided supportive language toward the Sunni Hamas. So many anti-Zionists all over the world think that Iran is the true supporter of the Palestinian people.

Mass execution of Sunni Muslims in Iran

The same Shia regime that tortures Sunnis living in Iran.  For instance, about one million Afghan people are living Iran as refugees. Some estimated that the number of Afghan refugees in Iran is much higher. The Afghan minority in Iran is living under extreme discrimination imposed not only by the regime but also by normal citizens.

They are not allowed to gain education and many Afghan teenagers have been forced to work in a reconstruction sites, but these workers do not have a social insurance. If they refuse Iran deport them back to Afghanistan.

Every year hundreds of Afghan refugees have been executed in Iran. Numbers of under age boys have experienced death sentences, just during the last two months thirteen Afghan teenagers were hanged  in Iran. The main victims of the series of death penalty are Sunni Kurds, Baluchs and Afghans.

US- backed Karzai government did not pay attention to the barbaric state crime against Afghan citizens in Iran, instead the so called Afghan president praised Iran while he was in Tehran last time.  Every time when Karzai meets his friend Ahmadinejad in Tehran they embraced each other and spoke on friendship instead.

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