Saturday, 4 December 2010

Afghanistan living with less or no Healthcare

  She has no access to healthcare
and she lost her son

By Hanan Habibzai 

Malalai mourns the death of her one-year-old son, Jamil, who died two weeks ago due to water-borne diseases at a local hospital in Baghlan Province, Northern Afghanistan.
For several days, Jamil and his family slept in open air with no shelter. The child had drunk dirtied water, which his mother had collected from a nearby river for drinking, cooking and washing.
There is consent among some residents in Seya Saang village and indeed many other rural communities across Afghanistan, that water is always clean, unless its colour, smell and or taste change. However, not only was Malalai's son but many other children are the victims of various water-borne diseases according to medical experts in Pulikhomri, provincial capital of Baghlan region.

 UNICEF estimates around 92 percent of Afghanistan’s nearly 30 million populations do not have access to proper sanitation. This has placed the country at the top of the list of "the worst places in the world ".

Furthermore the Afghan Ministry of Public Health one out of six children under five years of age dies from pneumonia in Afghanistan.” Ten years ago, in Afghanistan, one in every four child deaths was caused by pneumonia", states the Afghan Minister of Public Health Suraya Dalil.

Pneumonia and severe diseases developed while Billions of international funds were being channelled to Afghanistan. The average Afghan did not see in practice what was said and promised by the authorities in the news.

‘’The packs of those donations were only for corrupt Afghan official who built coloured palaces’’, said Wali Mohammed a local residence of Dushi district of Baghlan province. 

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