Thursday, 11 November 2010

Call for journalist release before Aid al-Udha

Reporters Without Borders deplores the continuing illegal detention of Radio Kapisa director Hojatullah Mujadadi and calls for a humane gesture from those in charge of the National Directorate of Security ahead of Aid al-Kabir, which begins on 17 November.
 A request for his release was refused on the grounds that he was being held in connection with terrorist activities but the NDS has produced no evidence of this.
Mujadadi’s detention, which is completely illegal, has been condemned by several senior Afghan officials including by a high level representative of the justice ministry, who recently wrote to the attorney general urging him to speed up the investigation. But, in the absence of any serious investigation on the part of the NDS, the case is blocked.
Despite former Kapisa governor Ghulam Ghawis Abubaker’s public denials following the revelations made by Reporters Without Borders, we are in a position to say that he played a role in Mujadadi’s arrest.
 We have been able to confirm that one of his son-in-laws, Khajeh Zafar, a high level NDS official in Kapisa province, ordered the arrest on 18 September.

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