Friday, 8 October 2010

Key Afghan governor has been killed

By Hanan Habibzai 

Kundoz governor Mohammad Omar was among 15 others killed when early Friday a heavy bomb targeted him at a mosque in Afghanistan's northern province of Takhar.

More then 20 other were wounded.
The province of Kunduz ,a part of northern Afghanistan, was most troubled by Taliban insurgents but  governor had some serious tension with key high ranking officials in Kabul,sources said. 

Newly appointed security chief for northern provinces General Daud Daud criticized governor Omar time to time and they had some disagreement in order to handle the situation. 

He repeatedly said that insurgency is widely increasing across Kundoz province and called for security attentions. 

Local population accusing him carrying out military operations that targeted local civilians. 

''Governor Omar requested air strickes on fuel tankers seized by a small group of suspected Taliban militants on September 2009 which killed 163 ordinary Afghans ,most of them were children and aged people. '' Said Mirza Gul ,a local residence. 

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