Friday, 8 October 2010

Afghanistan will faces wheat crisis upcoming winter

By Hanan Habibzai

Afghanistan is among the most vulnerable countries in the world for food supply, according to the Food Security Risk Index 2010, compiled with the UN's World Food Programme.The country, one of the world's poorest, faces a shortfall of 700,000 tonnes of wheat.

Afghanistan's agriculture system has been destroyed during the war and destruction and most of the farmers don't have access to the farming stuff and enough water.

Recently Karzai government said Afghanistan has enough wheat and there would be 15% tax on importing more wheat from foriegn countries specially Russia.

now Russia faces drought as well as Pakistan flood disaster will take Afghanistan to a famine. How will Karzai government deal with 20 Million people face poverty in Afghanistan. Upcoming winter would be full of crisis? It is a big concern

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